Equans Academy

The talent developer.

Equans Academy provides training courses for existing and new Equans employees and students.

Technical training for ​​​the professions of tomorrow

We want to increase the technical expertise of everyone to meet the challenges of our sector, our business and the world of tomorrow.

A complete catalog of various technical training courses such as: Electrical, mechanical, instrumentation, construction, HVAC, cooling, …

But also training on safety, health, quality management and the environment. These courses can be followed in different ways, depending on the objective to be achieved. We also offer dual learning courses for schools. This gives young people a unique experience and an insight into the reality of our business.

Our internship offer

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What’s in it for you?

A recognized level of expertise, various certifications
​​​​​​​and career opportunities at Equans.

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Equans Academy : a team of internal advisors and instructors, but also a network of external partners known and recognized in Belgium. Le Forem, Actiris et VDAB. Training centers and competence centers, schools and educators. All organizations that support technical skills training.